Bitter truth about law school and 6 high demand areas of law to study and gain great benefit

Truth about law school

Are you preparing for a journey into law school? It's a good idea to know what is ahead of you so that you would never be socked nor stumble upon. Knowing this fact before they come up would help you fasten your sit-belt. 

In this article, I would highlight 5 bitter truths and facts people are not talking about because of their bitterness.

A student who applied for a college of education or folks who want to study another course in the university have a different plan of work compared to a lawyer to be. So if you're ready, you must know at least a few things ahead before drawing your plan. 

Now let's dive into the bit list...

Law book for law students

1. Your first year in law school is also called 1L: you must develop a positive mindset

You're now into a new world, it might look like a native English speaker listening to the Chinese language. But the good news is, you shall understand and speak the strange language one day if you're willing to learn.

 You have left your closest and tight friends both around your high school and community. This journey seems like a lonely marathon, you may fall but stand as quickly as possible to get back on track. Diminishes all false believes and fears, hold in your mind firmly that you're there to win.

2. Wide and vast reading is required.

A law student reading book in law school

Most schools would not let you choose your specific area of law in the first year. You would be required to expand your reading across all areas such as criminal law, civil law, cooperate law, and so on.

You need to prepare yourself, knowing that you have a big task ahead. A man once said " if you're looking for the best set of intelligent people meet the scientist, the lawyers, and the Christians priest"
Lawyers undergo a wide area of studies and experiences.

3. Choose your area of law wisely

Before you kick off your journey as a lawyer, ask yourself: 
Why do I want to become a lawyer?
Now whatever the answer is, write it out and draw the map of your desired destination by your ANSWER.

Why do want to be a lawyer

This answer would help you make the right decision. Do not choose any area of law because others have chosen it. This is why most people failed. but chose it because it's rhythm with your goal, your answer, and your desired destination.

Most lawyers quit or switch to another profession because they didn't answer the challenging silence question before starting. Before you quit remember why you started.

4. Law schools are expensive 

Do you know what it takes to pay all your fees throughout the school years? You should be aware that law schools are very costly so get prepared to buy numerous expensive books which could cost up to $120 per book, and prepare for the high cost of learning materials. 

In my country Nigeria, the cost of living is very high, so studying law would cost you a lot. However, this is an investment that could pay off in the future but it all depends on your hard work.

5. To study Law consumes more time 

A child who started primary one the same year you started your law school would graduate and head over to secondary school while you're still studying.

Engineering students and other course students who started school the same year as you might finish their studies, and get a job while you're still going deeper into the root of the law.
Before you successfully before a professional lawyer, you must invest a lot of money, time, and energy for good seven years.

Benefits of being a lawyer
There are many benefits to being a lawyer. Here are five of them:

1. Lawyers are well-respected members of society.

2. Lawyers have a lot of power and influence.

3. Lawyers earn a lot of money.

4. Lawyers get to help people.

5. Lawyers get to use their knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world.

High demanding area of law to study 2022

There are many different areas of law that you can study, but some are more in demand than others. If you're looking to make a name for yourself in the legal world, you'll need to choose an area of law that is in high demand. Here are some of the most in-demand areas of law:

Demanding area of law in the law school

1. Corporate Law

Corporate law is one of the most in-demand areas of law. This is because the world of business is constantly evolving, and there is a need for lawyers who can keep up with the latest changes. Corporate law covers a wide range of topics, including mergers and acquisitions, contract law, and securities law.

2. Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is another area of law that is in high demand. This is because intellectual property is becoming increasingly important in our digital world. Intellectual property law covers a wide range of topics, including copyright law, trademark law, and patent law.

3.  Employment lawyer
An employment lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in representing employees in matters such as wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment. An employment lawyer can also help an employee negotiate a fair settlement or court case. This is one of the demanding types of law you can study.

4. Contracts law
One of the most common areas of law students need to know is contracts. Contracts can involve a variety of different situations, and students need to be able to understand the basics of contract law to be successful in law school.

5. Property lawyer 
Property law is another area that is important for law students to know. This area of law covers a variety of different topics, including land ownership, mortgages, and estate planning.

6. Torts
Torts is the area of law that deals with injuries that result from someone else’s actions. People who are getting injury out of other peoples careless action as I explained in one of my articles slip and fall accident  and pedestrain accident. They needs legal action to fight back.
Students need to be familiar with the basics of tort law to be successful in law school. 

It is worth knowing your true destination so that you move directly without stumbling on the way. 

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