How to earn $300 monthly as a law student while focusing on your studies

Are you still worrying about how to pay the high fees in law school? In this article, I would give you 3 simple online part-time jobs that can make you $300 per month

A law atudent worrying about paying school fees

Many law students are still contemplating how they would be able to clear their upcoming semester fees.
If you're one of those students facing this difficulty, I would drop my list of four businesses you can do in your spare time that would clear up your school fees.

Now let's dive in.
Table of contents
1. How to use your spare time to make money as a law student 
2. Turn your idea and time into money
3. Simple online tasks or businesses for law students to start making money.
3. Start blogging and monetize it

How to use your space-time to earn money as a law student 

Being a law student is quite different from being any other course student. The law course required full-time sacrifice. So the ability of all students to run any site business is limited. This means that as a lawyer in school you only have to focus on your studies. But here I would tell you how to Leverage your free time for something profitable.

To become a successful lawyer, a student must have a good financial background, this field of study requires a large amount of money. How would you survive for good seven years as a law student if your parents or sponsors are not financially fit? Silently give yourself the answer.

School bill

The good news is that you can schedule your time to suit your studies and little online task that would bring some cash into your pocket. The law course or other progressional courses are not for the poor. but I'm sorry to say this. The poor I'm talking about is those who don't think outside the box, those who accept that lack of money can stop them from achieving their dream.

Turn your ideas and time into money

If you don't have the money you have ideas and if you don't have ideas at least you have time

Most dropout students in the university don't have money problems but idea problems, and they don't use their time wisely. Good ideas can be turned into money without anyone living in his or her hostel. But lack of ideas is a big financial problem. you only need to devote a few hours per week, You can sacrifice one hour of your bedtime if you mean business. (You have to give before you take )

How to use your spare time to earn money as a lawyer

Today I'll share with you ideas and simple tricks that would generate passive income even while you're running your full-time course. Below I would list all the top online money-making ideas that have worked for me.

I would not only share the ideas with you but also steps by step guide to get started. Now accept in your mind that everything is possible and that you can achieve anything you want.

Simple online tasks or businesses for law students to start making money.

1. Get paid weekly to chat with strangers and online students on Cambly

Cambly is an online learning platform where English speakers interact with non-English speakers. Millions of people around the world are not English speakers but they are ready to learn. Cambly connects people like you to chat with non-English language speakers so that they can learn to speak.

Earn money for chatting online

Cambly does not require any skill in chatting, it's simple as teaching pupils in prenursery how to read ABC. Your work is to chat with those students in simple English so that they follow up a bit by bit.

 Cambly does not accept profiles of people who dress professionally. Every tutor is instructed to spear normally, and look natural not professional. So if you can speak English you're good to go. 

English speaking should not be a problem for a law student, moreover, people you're going to chat with have very little knowledge about English. Do not worry if you have some grammatical error in your daily English speaking, you're not going to teach native English speakers but pure learners.

You can use either your PC or smartphone to start.

2. Start drop service on Fiverr (freelancer arbitrage)

This is a secret business most people are not aware of. I'm making around $300 every month with this business. arbitrage is buying something at a lower price and selling high. But in freelancing arbitrage, we neither buy nor sell anything.

A law student working as a freelancer

For instance, if you receive a service order (gig) on a platform like Upwork for $25, then you take the task to Fiverr and find a freelancer who would do it for $10, calculate your profit.

Let's do the maths
You're paid $25 for the task on Upwork
You pay a freelancer on Fiverr $10 
Fiverr charge a service fee of $2
$25 - $10 -$2 = $13 ($13 profit) just for doing nothing, no special skills required.

You don't need to have any skills before you make money on Fiverr. Below is a step-by-step guide to Fiverr arbitrage. 
Step 1. 
Create an account on the following platform (I) Upwork (ii)legiit (iii) freelancer. con (iv) Fiverr 
Step 2.
Set up a service or selling profile on the first three mentioned platforms. Make sure your profiles are very attractive. Make a list of services you offer on each platform.
Services (gig) that you can make a huge profit from are translation, proofreading, article writing, making-of videos, YouTube, and audio transcription.

On another freelancing website, these services cost up to $100 but on Fiverr you find someone to do them for between $5 to $20.

Alternatively, you can use automatic tools to do the job by yourself if you wish. Below are the tools:

>For article writing use a tool like write Sonic or article forge
>For translation jobs use free Google translator.
>For proofreading use a tool like Grammarly
>For video making use video ai. 
> For transcription use auto transcription

3. Start blogging using AI robot and monetize your blog.

The blog is a simple website where you share your ideas with your audience. You can blog about anything, there is no fixed rule on what to blog about. 

Best part, you don't even need to write or duplicate people's contents, an AI content software can write fresh contents as many as you want on any topic. You only need to edit the contents and make some corrections.

Starting a legal blog as a law student

Choose any niche that you are passionate about, and start writing and publishing relevant content. As a law student full of various tasks, you can make a schedule to write two posts per week.

This is not a get rich, you need to invest up to three months in writing and publishing before you start seeing the benefits of blogging.

How to start blogging as a law student

As I said earlier that law students are faced with various tasks on campus but that doesn't mean that 100 percent of your time is occupied. 

One hour or less every day can bring you financial freedom. Lazy people sleep early but wake up late while serious people go to bed late and wake up early. Reading this post up to this point shows you're serious.

Let's dive into the step-by-step guide to starting your blog.

i. Choose your blogging platform and register a domain: the first step to building your online presence is choosing a platform. In this case, I recommend you choose a free blogging platform like blogger. Just create an account on blogger is Google's content managing platform and it's forever free.

ii. Pick your niche.
A niche is a section or portion of the entire market. As a blogger, you're not going to write about everything on Earth, you must choose one thing and talk about it on your blog. For example, this blog is a sub-niche in the lawyer's category, every piece of content on this blog talk about lawyers and lawyers-related content.

Here's a list of evergreen niches you can start blogging.
i. Food blog
 ii. Make money online niche 
iii. Fashion and design
iv fitness
v health and well-being

iii. Do your keywords research
After choosing your niche, it's time to do keyword research. Keywords research helps you to know what people are searching on Google. Use a tool like an ahref or a word tracker.

Best free keyword research tool

iv. start writing your blog post.
Assuming you've created your blog on the above step, now
Start writing and publishing valuable content on your blog, and add images and videos to capture your reader's attention.

Tips. always write long blog posts. Long and valuable contents always rank on Google's search engine over short ones.

Tricks: if you're so boring to write long article or you runs-short of time or what to write, use a content writer (contents AI) contents AI can write quality content for you but you would need to edit it before publishing. The best content generator WRITESONIC you can give a try for free.

Free AI writing tool

How to monetize and make money with your blog.
After setting up your blog successfully, apply for Google AdSense and start promoting the affiliate programs on your blog. This is where the money starts rolling in. Google Adsense pays you for every visitothat clicks an ad on your blog.

Affiliate market company pays you for every sale they get from your affiliate links. These are the two simple methods to monetize your free blog for passive income.

I have given you ideas for financial freedom while in law school. There are other things you can do but I only talk about what works for me as a law student. These are what is paying my school fees to date. So pick just one idea and start working.

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