pedestrian accident lawyer: 5 tips to find the best pedestrian Lawyer to handle your case

 Meeting a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer

Are you looking for a good and qualified pedestrian accident lawyer? If yes, this post is a stepping stones to meeting a rightful and experienced legal practitioner in order to gain the victory you deserve.

Helping a kid to cross the road to avoid pedestrian accident

Let's dive into....
Table of contents
1. Who is a pedestrian?
2. who is a pedestrian Lawyer?
3. Three Tips for hiring a good pedestrian attorney
4. why you should avoid pedestrian accident.
5. Ways to avoid pedestrian accident

Who is a pedestrian?

A pedestrian crossing road

A pedestrian is someone walking or running on the road. Wether you are a car owner or not, anyone traveling by foot on the road is definitely a pedestrian.
Being a pedestrian do not imply your inability to buy or drive a vehicle. In some season, people sometimes walk on the road for pleasure.

People who want to visit their friends or buy some stuff in the nearby shop are likely to trekke as the distance is very short. 

Some people can just walk on the roadside as the results of fatigue at home, this is called walkout. In this situation you don't necessarily need a means of transportation. But how would you feel if one careless driver hit you which can lead to a serious health issue or damages. I would talk on this later in this article.

Who is a pedestrian Lawyer?

Nearest pedestrian lawyer at work

All attorneys are not the same, all lawyers has their own area of expertise. So a pedestrian Lawyer maybe discribe as a legal practitioner who specializes in handling pedestrian accident case. 

If you're hit by a vehicle on the street, a pedestrian attorney would help you through the legal process to ensure you're compensated for the injury you've gotten or the damages you've incurred. People sometimes asked, where and how to get an experienced attorney lawyer. Let's quickly look into the few steps to finding a good pedestrian Lawyer.

Four tips for finding an hiring a good pedestrian attorney

Finding the best accident lawyer in your area

1. Look for recommendation: people who had been in such situation before can be a heads-up to chosing the best attorney. If they had a good experience during their own case, they would definitely recommend the one who worked best for them. They would also tell you the one who didn't performed well. Looks for trust friends,  relations, peer groups etc.

2. Go for free consultation at first: consultation can give you ideas, advise and recommendation. Most times, you can find a free consultant in your area for advise.

3.Pass through a referral system
Some legal services have referral program where some people, organization can refer you to the right attorney. But you do have to make your own enquires.

4. Do your own research. 
Search the best attorney on Google

You want to make sure that your case is handled by an expert, relying on people's information and suggestion alone is not enough. Once you finally decided on the pedestrian Lawyer to go for, find out more details about him or her such as:
(i) the attorney winning rate
(ii) years of experience in the field
(iii) the attorney's service fee and so on.

Common causes of pedestrian accident

Accident occurs in various ways due to different factors. Let's take a look at the most common ones.
1. Either the driver or the pedestrian is under alcoholic influence.
2. The pedestrian do not thoroughly look at his or her left and right sides before crossing the road.
3. The driver failed to obey the traffic rules and regulations, not paying attention to road signs such as crosswalk, hospital ahead, school ahead. These signs play Vital roll in minimizing pedestrian accident.

4. Overspeeding even on a bending corner. Generating, overspending is one of the most common cause of road accident. On a bending corner, the probability for the driver to foresee what is ahead of him is very rare. This often lead to accident.

Road accident

5. Distraction while on steering: distractions such answering of phone calls, conversion with friends, passengers can result in road accident.

 why you should avoid pedestrian accident.

In one of my article, you can visit it here, I said that paying or receiving compensation for accident is not as good as avoiding accident completely.  Accident can have a negative impact on the victim through out his or her lifetime such as the once I stated below.

Loss of job and drop in earning
Accident can cause a healthy up-and-runnig giant-soldier to be pulling on a wheelchair. Consequently, you may lose your job, lose control over your business which can affect your earnings.

Lead to unrecoverable losses
A pedestrian accident is a very dangerous and serious situation as he or she do not wear any protective device. The incident may cost ones life, ones body parts even stop the growth of ones future. Can you imagine how terrible an accident is, so there is need to follow the guidelines set aside for road users in order to ease the risk.

Negative Impact on relationship, health and happiness.

A victim of this kind is not a happy person, most accident victims which the end result landed them in disability may spend most of time worrying, living in anxiety, which would eventually develope a different health issue. Their terrible conditions can drive away their love ones, friends and even relatives.

Common Ways to avoid pedestrian accident

1. Drivers should obey traffic rules and regulations, observe road signs where necessary.
2. Drivers and pedestrian should not use the road under alcoholic influence.
3. pedestrians should carefully and thoroughly watch their left and right before crossing.
4. Drivers should not overspeed
5. Pedestrian and drivers should concentrate, no conversation on a busy road.
6. Children or a person under medical condition should be given assist to cross the road.

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