5 things to do if you experience truck accident and how to find the best truck accident lawyer in your area

Have you or your relatives been a victim of a truck accident? If yes, You might be wondering what to do next. stay tuned as we work you through the process of taking legal action,  how and where to find a good lawyer capable of handling your case.

Let's dive into.....

Table of contents
1. What is a truck?
2. What situation is considered a truck accident.
3. 5 steps to take if you experience a truck accident
4. Where and how to find a good truck accident lawyer in your area lawyer easily.
5. Conclusion

What is a truck?

A truck driving

A truck accident involves a collision between two or more vehicles or passengers which causes property damages or injury.

Trucks are large vehicles used for the transportation of goods from one location to another. Trucks play a vital role in a country's economy. It's also a big player in the transportation industry. With this vehicle, goods are moved in large quantities from various parts of the country to another.

The movement of goods in the rural and urban areas can not survive without this means. But there is one major risk involved when we are traveling along the same road with trucks and that is heavy accidents.

What situations are considered to be a truck accident 

You probably might have heard about a truck accident but you can't imagine what that could be. 
 a truck accident occurs when a truck in motion causes destruction, and damage to a third party on the road, which could lead to loss of life, loss of property, and damage such as vehicles. truck accidents, as in most cases, the truck driver and the goods they carry are not likely to be affected. The probability of a truck responding to an automatic brake is very tiny; as the force moving the truck is always very high to be stopped by to single break match.

 So pedestrian and car owners should be very careful while traveling on the road. A truck accident is very tedious either life or property or both are likely to be affected.

 an accident occurs unexpectedly, if your relationships or you fall a victim to a truck accident, what are the legal action to undergo? We would discuss that below.

5 simple steps to take if you experience a Tuck accident.

1. Call the nearby police: 

call the nearby police immediately. Calling the police would ensure that the truck driver is properly handled.

Polic witnessing truck accident

 Police in your area might have a different line of communication rather than the global emergency number 911.

 you need to act as fast as possible to draw the police's attention to the case, either by  (i) asking someone around you to call the police

(ii) Google this phrase on your browser "police near me"  or "police contact phone number in my area" Google would Pop up the requested answer where you can spot the nearby security agency phone line.

 (Before starting this search, ensure you turn on location GPRS from your phone setting and give your phone browser permission to detect your location)

(iii) dial  the global emergency number *911# (the possibility of using this third method successfully depends on the area where you're located or where the accident is taking place)

Accident happens without human expectation, if you've not experienced this before it would be a wise decision to ensure you have your area or nearby police phone number at your fingertips.

If you're currently in such a situation right now and you're searching Google for assistance, 911 might be the best option to try right away depending on the incident's location, this works fine in urban areas.

We're not praying for truck accidents or similar situations but since life goes along with risk, having a means of contacting a security agency in your area is crucial.

After police arrival and inspection, medical assistance should be provided to the victim immediately by rushing him or her to the closest hospital.

2. Collect the truck driver's information.

The truck driver must provide his legal information such as name, address, ane company he's currently serving as a truck driver, truck registered number, etc. He should also provide the company's insurance license he is working for.
 This information is necessary to help in the instigation process.

A person collecting truck driver legal details

3. Look for witnesses 

Ensure you have someone (witness) who would testify to support your point when needed. Your witness must be a person who has witnessed this truck accident. Though the police had already collected some vital information and also witnessed the situation, you still need someone from the audience to be your witness. Exchange your contact with him or her before dismissing.

4. Find means of evidence

In most cases, you would be required to prove that your report is true. This is a digital world, you can easily get evidence via the following ways.
(i) bring out your smartphone and take photos or video records of the situation, the victim, damages, etc

A card burning in accident

(ii) alternatively call the media press for coverage. The Media coverage is strong evidence to support you in terms of the argument.

5. Call a lawyer: find a truck accident lawyer, and give him all the necessary information. 
Accident lawyer in the office

 How and where to find a truck lawyer in your area

Below are a few ways to find a legal practitioner in your area.

(I) ask a friend who had such experience in the past for recommendation: your friend can direct you to the legal practitioner who helps him or her. 
(ii) visit a law firm and make an enquires
(iii) Google the keywords " truck accident lawyer near me" alternatively search for "accident lawyer in my area"
Truck accident lawyer near me

To enhance your results for the above keywords, use this aromatic lawyer search engine. Click here to begin your search or scroll down to the bottom of this post to start your search for the best truck lawyers near you.

Why you need a good truck attorney

This is a situation that involves life and prosperity, damages or losses, and would finally land on one party compensating the other. You need a qualified lawyer to work you through.

At first, the truck driver would see you at fault. Added With the fact that your vehicle has been damaged, he would try to blame you and see you as the cause of the accident.

The company or the insurance company which the truck driver is driving for would blame you also. They may try to escape from the monetary compensation you might ask for. 

A lawyer would help you to review the case and work you through it. According to the information you have given him or her he knows the right steps to take. It is pertinent to provide details of the accident to your lawyer as possible as you can.

He would also help you to prepare a letter and issue it to all the parties involved, that is (the truck driver company and the insurance company) mentioning the financial compensation for the damages or loss incurred. Ensure that the driver's company and the insurance company are fully held responsible for your damages or losses. Involving them creates a high chance for you to receive your compensation. This is why you need a lawyer

 7 basic preventive measures for truck accidents.

Road sign for truck drivers

There is a popular saying in Africa that prevention is better than cure, and this is true. It is a wise decision to prevent a truck or any form of accident that to experience but got delivered in any way. 

There is a form of accident that monetary compensation would not be enough to cover. When the result landed in a state of disability or loss of life. Truck accidents are twice terrible as slip and fall accidents and pedestrian accidents which I discussed previously 

A lawyer can only play his or her part to ensure that your family is compensated, but your life is your most important and priceless asset can never be restored.
So below are the basic preventive measures for truck accidents.

1.  Ensure that there is more space between your vehicle and the truck. This would minimize the risk of the truck hitting your vehicle.

2. If a truck is overtaking, decrease your speed so it can pass you more quickly. People sometimes try to compete with other vehicles in terms of speed, this is wrong and can lead to an accident.

3. Before passing a truck, drive on the left side and ensure the truck driver can see you from the side mirror and adjust. Do not attempt to pass while you're still on for a blind spot.

4. Do not slow down if the distance between your vehicle and the truck is not wide enough. most often, the truck takes some seconds to slow down after the driver has matched the break. So if you slow or stop your vehicle; expecting the truck to slow down or stop immediately as well, you're not on the safe side. There must be a space for the truck to start slowing down.

5.  before accelerating or decelerating your speed, observe your back via the side mirror and make sure there is a space for you to proceed.

6. If a truck is trying to turn, stop your vehicle if possible and wait because the truck driver may not see it back clearly.

7. Always concentrate while driving: don't be distracted by phone calls, and do not be in conversation with anyone with family members or friends while steering. 

Disclaimer: The article is only for educational purposes and should not be treated as a legal advice 

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